This section includes the publications of the employees of the IISS across research areas since 2017. The latest papers are listed first under every main category.


Labour market and employment relations

Education research

Youth research

Lifelong learning

Gender and gender-specificity in different life domains

Ethnic relations and integration

Social stratification and mobility

State governance, civil society and new social movements


Ageing and pension systems

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  • Lusmägi, P., & Aavik, K. (2021). Vähemalt 50-aastaste Eesti elanike kehalise aktiivsuse suurendamise peamised mõjurid. Liikumine ja Sport, 22, 58−63.
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Theoretical discussions


  • Vallimäe, T. (Koost.) (2022). Esseid vabadusest 20. sajandi poliitikafilosoofidelt. Vabamõtleja. 
  • Levenets, O., Stepurko, T., Polese, A., Pavlova, M., & Groot, W. (2021). Coping with cancer in Post-Communist Europe: A Systematic Literature Review. Health Policy and Planning, 36(10), 1−20. 
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  • Lusmägi, P., Mooses, K., Roosmaa, E.-L. & Kull, M. (2018). Changes in leisure-time physical activity levels and perceived barriers among Estonian adults over a two-year period. Acta kinesiologiae Universitatis Tartuensis, 24, 7−26.