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  • Maria Erss presented her research titled "Student agency as cultural and gender phenomenon: The role of teacher support and work experience in predicting agency" on August 22nd at Europe's largest education conference ECER in Glasgow. The presentation was part of a symposium on the agency of children and young people which had participants also from Germany and the UK. The research of Maria Erss revealed that teacher support and previous work experience of students are positively correlated with student agency. Further, student agency is influenced by school culture and gender. Students from schools with Estonian instructional language and boys expressed higher levels of agency and rated the support of teachers to their agency higher than students from schools with Russian instructional language and girls. In order for the youth to have the courage and will to be proactive and make independent decisions in school, students' choices and the freedom to express their opinions and make suggestions have to be supported. The self-confidence that is attributed to agency can also be increased by work experience. Therefore, opportunities must be offered for the youth to gain work experience. 
Maria Erss koos Mark ja Andrea Priestley'ga Glasgow Ülikooli saal  

FEWL in the Media

  • Maria Erss discussed on January 31st in the Tallinn University talk show "Expert on air" among other topics student agency and its relationship with work experience which is also the focus of the project "Enhancing research on formal educational programmes and workplace learning". Watch the recording in Postimees TV here. More detailed discussion of the relationship between student agency and work experience will be available in the soon to be published research article of Maria Erss, Krista Loogma, and Anna-Liisa Jõgi (2024) "The effect of teacher agency support, students’ personal perseverance and work experience on student agency in secondary schools with Estonian and Russian instructional language". Cogent Education. DOI - 10.1080/2331186X.2024.2314515

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