The research group brings together research and development initiatives focused on children  and families in need. We are aimed at improving the quality of child and family research at Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society, initiating collaboration between scholars from different disciplines within the university, on international level and with policy planners, specialists on the field.

The research group consists of researchers and students (graduate, undergraduate and doctoral students), who organize thematic academic seminars, write research and developmental project proposals with the focus on practice-based research (supporting partipation of children and families as central research subjects) and implement project-related activities, publish scientific articles and highlight the importance of children and family-realted topics in the society.

The main research and development themes
  • Assessment of children's and families' needs and well-being (professor Karmen Toros)
  • Children's rights and child friendly justice (doctoral student Kiira Gornischeff)
  • Interprofessional assessment and interventions (doctoral student Koidu Saia)
  • Deinstitutionalisation (doctoral student Ingrid Sindi)
  • Mental health and well-being of children (doctoral student Karin Streimann)
Upcoming events
  • International Networking Lab (will be held on October 2018 at Tallinn University, funded by Tallinn University Development and Co-operation Fund)
  • Research seminar: dissemination of results from the study Implementation of  the New Juvenile Offenders System in Estonia: Experiences by Juveniles and Specialists from Child Protection, Police, Procecutor's Office ”  (will be held on October 2018)
Research & development projects