SOGOLAS Research seminar "EU law and migration from the legal perspective"

09/30/2020 - 16:00 - 17:30

SOGOLAS Research seminar "EU law and migration from the legal perspective" 30.09

SOGOLAS Research Seminar "EU law and migration from the legal perspective"


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By Prof. Lehte Roots. Moderator: Prof. Peeter Selg

30.09.2020 at 4pm to 5.30pm. Room: M-134

Will be held in English

Seminar can be attended also via Zoom

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Meeting ID: 987 4997 5230

At the research seminar Prof. Lehte Roots is discussing a role of law and specifically the European Union law in the discussion of migration management. Immigration affects us in all levels and sectors of the society. Immigrants become members of the society they move to and have to manage their lives in a new environment provided by the state and its population. New immigrants influence the ethnicity of the society, the culture, the development of the society they live and contribute. Since 2004 Estonia is part of the European Union and sovereignty of decision making and application of certain rules is given to the EU level. The current legal basis and competence of EU to make decisions and legislate in the field of asylum can be found from Articles 67(2), 78 and 80 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and also in Article 18 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights that became a binding document after the changes brought by Lisbon Treaty. Why we have to do what we do? How free we are in the decision making in the field of migration and asylum being a Member of the European Union? These will be some of the questions that we will discuss on 30 th September.


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