Dr. Anastassia Zabrodskaja is a Professor of Intercultural Communication at Tallinn University, where she teaches intercultural communication. From 2022 to 2026, Anastassia is the principal investigator of the COST CA21143 project "Transnational Family Dynamics in Europe" in Estonia. Her publications focus on identity, language contacts, code-switching, and the linguistic landscape.

Main tasks

Head of the Master's Programme in Communication Management

Executive Director of the EMICC (European Masters in Intercultural Communication):

TraFaDy: Management Committee member representing Estonia (see more here

Areas of research

FIELD OF RESEARCH: 2. Culture and Society; 2.6. Philology and Linguistics; CERCS SPECIALTY: H360 Applied linguistics, foreign languages teaching, sociolinguistics ; SPECIALITY: intercultural communication, identity, ethnolinguistic vitality, linguistic landscape, language contacts, code-switching