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Project duration: starting- and completion date

01.05.2020 - 31.12.2021

Objectives of the project

The project aims to increase the participation of lawyers, notaries and bailiffs in trainings on EU procedural civil and commercial law. This will be achieved through the organisation of transnational training activities with easy linguistic access and the training of trainers who will act as multipliers. The diverse group of Member States comprising the consortium (Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Poland) will promote the exchange of knowledge and good practice. The proposed action is supported by 16 professional associations and competent institutions for all target groups in the participating countries.

Expected outcomes of the project

The project result´s will include: Better understanding of the target groups’ training needs in 5 Member States, training of 15 trainers who will pass on their knowledge as multipliers, increased number of lawyers, notaries and bailiffs trained on EU law, capacity building for 120 lawyers, notaries and bailiffs in 5 Member States on the application of EU procedural civil and commercial law, increased awareness on the impact of EU law in the relevant policy area, development of a common culture and enhancement of mutual trust.

Argumentation for the need of funding

The proposed project will have a tangible impact on the target groups, providing practitioners from 5 Member States with the opportunity to participate in high-quality cross-border capacity building activities. In doing so, it will promote the creation of a common culture and enhance mutual trust among the participating Member States. The project’s long-term impact will be maximised through the creation of multipliers and the engagement of professional associations and competent institutions, many of which have already pledged their support to its activities.

National partners involved, their role in the project

National partners who submitted letters of support and will be the main beneficiaries: Estonian Bar Association (advokatuur), Estonian Court Bailiff’s and Bankruptcy Receivers Association, Harju County Court.

Collaboration with International partners, their role in the project


Centre for European Constitutional Law-CECL will be responsible for the overall implementation of the project and its activities and will lead WP 3 which includes the capacity building activities. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens will lead the dissemination and communication activities of the project, while it will also be involved in the research and training activities.  University of Cyprus will undertake research in Cyprus and will host the first meeting of the training committee as well as a progress meeting while they will participate in the dissemination activities by hosting an event in Cyprus and in the capacity building activities providing experts and trainees. Tallinn University will establish the scientific committee and host the 2nd training committee, will be responsible for the TNA report, will organise the train the trainers workshop and will be involved in the dissemination activities.  University of Latvia will be involved in the training needs assessment as well as in the capacity building and dissemination activities. University of Silesia involvement in the project includes the participation in the training needs assessments, capacity buildings and dissemination activities.