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Time: 24 November, 2023 at 3 p.m
Venue: Tallinn University's Ceremonial Hall (Narva Road 25, III floor)
Gathering of doctors and supervisors: T-307 at 2:15 p.m


Conferment of doctors

Doctors are conferred according to the doctorate councils.

  • The head of the ceremony calls out a doctor and his/her supervisor, the doctor and the supervisor move to the front of the hall, facing the audience.
  • The head of the ceremony reads out the diploma text. After reading the text, the supervisor congratulates the doctor and sits back on their chair.
  • The doctor goes to the Chairman of the Doctoral Council who hands over the doctor's diploma, then steps in front of the Rector who places a specially made silk scarf around the doctor's neck, then goes to the table and signs the doctoral book.
  • The doctor goes to the center of the hall, bows, and goes to sit back on their chair.

Dress code

  • Dark suit for the gentlemen, dark dress or costume for the ladies.

Academic traditions

  • The ceremony starts and ends with a procession. 
  • Members of the Rectorate, doctors and doctors to be conferred, supervisors, members of the doctorate councils and professors take part in the procession.
  • At academic events, the first, third and fourth verse of the student hymn Gaudeamus are sung.
  • One of the oldest academic traditions sees that appreciation is shown via the shuffling of feet, not clapping.

Information for the visitors

You are very welcome to congratulate your loved ones after the Conferment Ceremony.

Doctoral Conferment Ceremony will take place at Tallinn University's Ceremonial Hall (T-324). The ceremony starts with the march-in of the doctors, the Rectorate, the doctorate councils and professors, and will end with the student anthem „Gaudeamus”. The audience will rise during entry. The duration of the ceremony is approximately one hour. It is possible to congratulate the graduates in front of the hall.

Our goal is to organise the ceremony as smoothly and safely as possible. We recommend that those in health risk groups consider participating in the ceremony based on their health condition. 


More information

Evelin Tabur
Phone: 640 9138 
E-mail: evelin.tabur@tlu.ee