Tallinn University repositories

Tallinn University has five repositories: the Academic Library, the Archaeological Research Collection, the Estonian Pedagogical Archives and Museum, the Juri Lotman Semiotics Repository, and the Tallinn University Museum.

The University’s repositories are each different, with their own profile. The Academic Library is a research, study and archive library with a public service role. It supports the acquisition of higher education and the development of the information society with its collections. The Archaeological Research Collection is Estonia’s largest archaeological research collection and includes an archaeological item collection, a human and animal bone collection, a numismatics collection and the relevant document archive. The Estonian Pedagogy Archives and Museum is a symbiosis of an archive, a museum and a library, and is engaged in preserving the history of Estonian education, school and pedagogy. The Juri Lotman Semiotics Repository is a unique archive and personal library of the renowned semiotic and thinker Professor Juri Lotman (1922–1993) and his wife, a distinguished scholar of the Silver Age in Russian literature, Professor Zara Mints (1927–1990). The collections of the University Museum cover the history of Tallinn University and its predecessors from the beginning of the 20th century until today.

The activities of the Tallinn University repositories are diverse and not just limited to the preservation of collections.



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