rahvatantsuansambel soveldaja

The creator and first instructor of the group was Mait Agu. Angela Arraste instructed the group for many years. However, since 2006, our instructor has been Helen Reimand, who has also created many of the dances in the group’s repertoire.

The group’s name “SOVELDAJA” is derived from the Estonian verb “soveldama”, which means to create, to arrange, or to design. One of the first dance collectors and creators, Anna Raudkats, used to sign the dances she arranged by writing “Soveldanud Anna Raudkats” which was how the group got its name.

The name Soveldaja unites enthusiastic and passionate dancers, who enjoy dancing to the fullest.

Everyone who is interested in dance and dancing is welcome to join Soveldaja. Lack of experience in dancing should not discourage anyone, and it is possible to join alone or with a partner. If you are interested, it is best just to show up for a rehearsal, wear training clothes, and see if you like folk dancing and if our company suits you.

We provide an interesting training programme, possibilities for performances, fun company to be with, a great way to spend your evenings, and other enjoyable benefits. We practice our dancing skills during weekly rehearsals, as well as at camps. We also spend leisure time together: in pubs, at barbeques and just visiting each other.

The current group has about forty dancers. Since this is a relatively small number for a folk dance group, we are just like a big happy family where you can share your joys and sorrows.