Alumnus/Alumna of the year is the highest award Tallinn University gives its alumni for exceptional performance in improving well-being on an international, national or local level. The Alumnus/Alumna of the year award is given to a person or a group of alumni.

The Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus is an award given for exceptional contribution within the areas the university prioritises. The award is given for professionalism, ethics and innovation, contribution to the society and university development. Distinguished Alumni can be several people or groups of people.

 Meet alumni of the century

Tallinn University Alumni of the Year:
Year Name Year of Graduation Occupation at the time of Receiving the Award Reason for recognition
2020 Maarika Truu 2012 CEO of Startup Estonia For contributing to the development of Estonian business and raising environmental awareness.
2020 Tanel Toom 2005 Film director  
2019 Triin Toomesaar       2015 CEO of The Foundation of Bullying-Free School Master of political science, graduate of Noored Kooli, leader of the Bully Free School foundation, citizen activist and nominee of the president's young public figure of education prize.
2018  Mart Taniel  2005 Cameraman For outstanding and internationally acknowledged cinematography work, which was crowned by the spotlight of the American Society of Cinematographers in 2017.
2017 Triin Ruumet  2014 Director For the creation of successful and award-winning films.
2016 Kalev Pihl 2002 CEO of SK ID Solutions For the creation of Estonian e-identity and promotion of digital signing.
2015 Team of the movie “Risttuules” and Director Martti Helde 2011 Filmstudio Allfilm Director For high-level artistic achievement and promotion of cooperation between alumni and students.
2015 Team of the movie "Nullpunkt" and Director Mihkel Ulk 2010 Filmstudio Allfilm Director For high-level artistic achievement and promotion of cooperation between alumni and students.
Distinguished Alumni of Tallinn University:
Year Name Year of graduation Occupation at the time of receiving the award Reason for recognition
2020 Tiina Ollesk BA 2005, MA 2007 Dancer, choreographer, dance teacher  
2020 Margus Viher   Director of Patent Office  
2020 Helina Loor   Creator and CEO of SpeakSmart  
2020 Katrin Heinloo      

Art therapist at Perh Psychiatric Clinic

2020 Andrei Ivanov   Writer  
2020 Viola Murd 2000    
2020 Solveig Edasi MA 2005, 2011    

 Janno Kriiska    

2019 Andres Avarand BA 1978, MA 1998 Associate Professor Emeritus Dean, professor and head of the music chair of the department of culture at Tallinn University and long-standing conductor at song festivals.
2019 Liljana Skopinskaj 1980     Associate Professor of English Didactics  She has conducted foreign language teacher degree-level learning and continuing education courses, and intercultural communication competency workshops in Estonia as well as the European Centre for Modern Languages. More than 50 master's theses have been defended under her guidance.
2019 Alise Dīrika 2016     Infogram Co-founder Co-founder of the infogram who was named by Forbes as among the 30 most influential young people under 30-year-old to work in the field of media.
2019 Karmen Paul 2016 Director of Viimsi Gymnasium Has worked long-term as a head of school, vice-principal and teacher. Is currently developing Viimsi State Gymnasium.
2019 Liisa Puusepp  BA 2002, MA 2004, PhD 2011

Research Fellow of Tallinn University Insitute of Ecology

Researcher at Tallinn University and environmental awareness advisor at the Ministry of the Environment, who with her efficient work and personal characteristics has made many young people interested in natural sciences.
2019 Hanna Vseviov 2012

Head of Department of Child Welfare, Ministry of Social Affairs

Master of social work who as the advisor of the children and families department has proven to be a very capable official and member of society with a sense of mission.

Marko Torm

2006         The Mayor of Rakvere City For contribution to the development of West Viru County as the county governor and mayor of Rakvere and for promotion of the local educational scene there.
2018 Katrina Koppel       2006     Vice President of European Student Union For representing student interests.
2018 Eda Ahi         2012 Poet For upholding the custom of outstanding Estonian women poets and successful activity as the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2018 Jonas Nahkor         2006     Teacher at Väätsa School For promoting environmental education and popularising science, including heading the student space programme.
2018 Mart Mäe         2010 CEO of Microsoft Estonia For a successful career, promoting new technologies as well as research and teaching work.
2018 Dagmar Mäe         2013 Crossmedia enthusiast For creating, implementing and introducing cross-media solutions, launching innovative projects and training and instructing students.

Jaanika Peerna    

1995     Internationally recognised video and light artist  For internationally significant and field-connecting artistry.
2017 Kristina Mägi         2011 Director of Kohila Kindergarten Sipsik, Education Manager of 2016   For outstanding achievements in directing education.
2017 Helen Tartes-Babkina     2010     Psychotherapist, art therapist and psychologist   For acknowledgement of creative therapies in the field of mental health.
2017 Joonas Hellerma         2009

Television journalist, TV and Film Critic, Presenter of TV Show Plekktrumm

For TV work that honours ethics and engages the public.
2017 Kaia Iva          1986

Estonian Minister of Social Security, Economist and Politician

For responsible and successful activity in education and politics.
2016 Janne Andresoo 1987 CEO of Estonian National Library For an outstanding contribution to promoting information sciences.
2016 Jan Kaus 1995 Writer For the contribution to promoting Estonian cultural life.
2016 Mart Kuurme 1997 Teacher of Physics at Tallinn Secondary School of Science For long-term successful work teaching science subjects and developing the field.
2016 Marje Paljak 1999 Manager of Social Welfare Office at the Tallinn Centre District Administration For long-term and valuable contribution to the development of the fields of social protection and social work development.
2016 Matis Rei 2011 Sound Director, Lecturer at BFM For high-level and internationally awarded works.
2016 Teibi Torm 2011 Promoter of "Back to School" For the contribution to promoting Estonian teacher education and popularisation.
2015 Martin Ehala 1990 Professor of Estonian language didactics and applied linguistics at University of Tartu For the contribution to developing mother tongue teaching and Tallinn University.
2015 Andrei Ivanov 1998 Freelance writer For outstanding creative activity.
2015 Kadi Kruusma 2005 Vice director of Rakvere High School For the contribution to building Rakvere Gymnasium into a distinct school and the development of the joint studying of bilingual students.
2015 Rein Oselin 1991 Director of Järvamaa Vocational Education Centre For the long-term promotion of the Viru County education scene and the development of Järva County Vocational Education Centre into a modern learning facility.
2015 Marko Reikop 1991 Host and editor at Estonian National Broadcasting For purposeful and dedicated work and professionalism and objectivity as a TV journalist.
2015 Darja Saar 2008 Editor-in-chief of ETV+ For the development of the contest of entrepreneur ideas of school youth and the creation of the ENTRUM development programme.
2015 Marian Võsumets 2014 Host of For handling challenging points and topical questions as a TV journalist.
2015 Anu Välba 1998 Host and editor at Estonian National Broadcasting For dedication and high ethics in journalism and an objective and positive stance as a TV journalist.
2014 Uno Veismann 1957 Senior researcher at Tartu Observatory and associate professor emeritus at the University of Tartu For long-term popularisation of natural sciences.
2014 Toomas Tõnise 1976. Vice president of the Estonian Olympic Committee For the development of intelligent mental and physical culture for the good of the state.
2014 Toomas Luhats 2001 Procurement manager at Elion NutiTV For the activity of introducing school life and promoting education in Estonian media.
2014 Toomas Kruusimägi 1986 Director of Tallinn English College For long-term popularisation of English language and culture and promotion of the educational scene.
2014 Jürgen Rooste 2012 Freelance writer and poet For active organisation of the Estonian literary scene and outstanding creative activity.
2014 Anneli Aken 2005 Conductor and choirmaster in Germany For the multifaceted promotion of culture and education.
2014 Peeter Sipelgas 2001 Teacher and head of knowledge centre at Viimsi High School For promoting the educational scene and popularising science.
2014 Helmen Kütt BA 2001

MA 2003

Minister of Social Security of the Republic of Estonia For being an outstanding paragon in speciality work in the fields of social welfare and social politics.
2014 Elle Jürgenson 2007 Medic and head of evacuation group on military missions in Afghanistan For contributions in speciality work in the fields of military and security.
2014 Mart Kangro 1996 Focuses on his own choreographic work For focusing on the meanings of the human body and movement in theatre as well as semiotic space-time.