micro degree

A microdegree programme, or a microdegree study programme, is a longer continuing education programme with a comprehensive content based on one or more subjects from a degree studies programme or as a separate continuing education programme. It's a set of courses that gives a new set of competences in a narrow field and with it, the ability to cope better in the labour market during complicated times.

Microdegree programmes range from 6 to 30 ECTS credits and last from 1 to 3 semesters.

A microdegree programme is recommended if you have:

  • a desire to improve your professional knowledge;
  • a need to learn new subjects, but it is not practical for you to complete a whole degree programme;
  • the need to achieve professional competence in a narrow field;
  • the need to improve employability;
  • a plan to make a career change.

Conditions and registration:

  • The studies are tuition-based. Fees for the subjects in the degree study programme are based on the credit point rate set by the Senate, while the price of continuing educational training varies.
  • The qualification requirements for enrolment in a microdegree study programme are based on the level of the micro-degree study programme (previous educational requirements according to the qualifications framework), but additional requirements (e.g. work experience, language skills, etc.) may also be set.
  • Upon the successful completion of the microdegree programme, you will receive a certificate of completion of continuing education. In order to obtain the certificate, a positive result in all modules is required.
  • Microdegrees can be counted towards the completion of a degree study programme, if the learning outcomes are relevant to the aim of the programme.
  • You can find out about the content of the study programme and how to register by clicking on the programme name.
  • For each study programme, there is a contact person whom you can contact if you have any questions.

Microdegree study programmes

Educational Innovation and Leadership   
International Youth Policy and Youth Work Management
12 EAP
12 EAP
590 €
Human Rights in the Modern World
24 EAP
1416 €
Changing World Order
15 EAP
735 €