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Baltic Film, Media and Arts School

Crossmedia (BA)
Audiovisual Media (BA)
Documentary Film (MA)

Maria-Silvia Kaarep
Communication Management (MA)
Screen Media and Innovation (MA)
JMD Film Arts (MA, Kino Eyes)
Crisely Apri
Audiovisual Arts and Media Studies  (PhD) Kerli Aguraiuja
School of Digital Technologies

Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies (MA)

Digital Learning Games (MA)
Human-Computer Interaction (MA)
Open Society Technologies (MA)
Interaction Design (MA)



Kristi Oikimus


Information Society Technologies (PhD)   Maria Saar
School of Educational Sciences
Educational Innovation and Leadership (MA) Salome Khurtsidze
Educational Sciences (PhD) Elina van der Toorn
School of Humanities

Liberal Arts in Humanities (BA)
Anthropology (MA)
Comparative Literature and Cultural Semiotics (MA)
Estonian Studies (MA)
Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies  (MA)
Linguistics (PhD)
Studies of Cultures (PhD)
History (PhD)

Maris Peters
School of Natural Sciences and Health

Psychology (PhD)
Health Behaviour and Wellbeing (PhD)
Analytical Biochemistry (PhD)
Physics (PhD)
Ecology (PhD)
Complex Systems in Natural Sciences (PhD)

Greete Horn
Well-Being and Health Behaviour (MA) Sille Silluta
School of Governance, Law and Society

Politics and Governance (BA)
Social Entrepreneurship (MA)

Tamara Statsenko

Liberal Arts in Social Sciences (BA)
Human Rights in the Digital Society (MA)
International Relations (MA)

Kreete Alasoo

Demography (PhD)
Government and Politics (PhD)
Social Work (PhD)
Sociology (PhD)

Triin Vendik
Law (BA) Maria Lepik