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Tallinn University and Estonian government have initiated various scholarship schemes in order to support international students who are interested in studying or are already studying at Tallinn University. Please choose suitable section according to your study interest and background.


Scholarships for the international degree students at Tallinn University

Monthly study allowances     

Tallinn University's study allowances and scholarships.

 This section includes needs-based study allowance, need-based special allowances, scholarship based on study results, speciality grant and doctoral allowance.
Estonian Governmental Scholarships     

Estonian Governmental Scholarships for international students

The scholarships are 1) for undergraduate studies in the fields related to Estonian language and culture; 2) for MA and PhD studies; 3) for participation in summer and winter schools; 4) mobility grants for researchers and academic staff.


Tuition waivers

School Programme Tuition waiver
School of Educational Sciences Educational Innovation and Leadership
Ukrainian Students: 

Eligible for a 20% discount for the nominal duration of their studies, provided they are enrolled full-time and maintain a minimum weighted average grade of 4.0. 

International Students:

10% tuition fee discount for the first semester is available to the top three candidates, determined by their entrance examination results. 

School of Governance, Law and Society


Liberal Arts in Social Sciences

Politics and Governance

Human Rights in the Digital Society

International Relations

Social Entrepreneurship

Applicable for Ukrainian students who are residing in Estonia under temporary protection.

Tuition fee waiver is available for the top three candidates, determined by their entrance examination results, in all programmes.

School of Natural Sciences and Health Well-being and Health Behaviour 30% discount on the semester fee is available for Ukrainian citizens