An external student is a person whose aim is to complete a study programme. An external student has the right to take examinations and assessments prescribed in the study programme, to defend a thesis and take a final examination under the conditions and according to the procedure established by the Senate. An external student is not matriculated and does not have student status.

A person may apply for external student status if he/she meets the qualification requirements set by the study programme and has completed courses required by the academic unit that offers the study programme, in a volume of at least 15 ECTS credits. A person who has not completed courses in the required volume may register for courses as a continuing education student. An academic unit may, following the principle of equal treatment, organize an admission exam for an external candidate, require to follow the admission procedure according to the procedures and subject to the conditions established by the Senate, or request from the candidate additional materials related to the speciality.

A person shall submit an application and RPL application to commence studies as an external student by the deadline declared in academic calendar. In order to graduate as an external student, the application and RPL application shall be submitted by the deadline set by the academic unit. Please be aware that the assessment of RPL application costs 55€ and the assessment will take place only if the payment is done by deadline. 

The version of the study programme assigned to the external student shall be either the version of the current academic year or:

  • The version of three previous academic years in Bachelor´s studies and professional higher education studies with nominal duration of three years;
  • The version of two previous academic years in Master´s studies or;
  • The version of four previous academic years in Doctoral studies and professional higher education studies with nominal duration of four years.

For further information, please contact the study counsellor from your academic unit.

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