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For most of us, our time at university is a memorable and exciting part of our life. It doesn't matter if you finished university last year, 10 years ago or 50 years ago - don't be a stranger! If you'd like to know how your university is doing, subscribe to the Tallinn University's Alumni Newsletter. But we would also like to know what information you would like to receive from the newsletter. Maybe you have some exciting projects ongoing that you'd like to share with the university students, staff or other alumni?

Open lectures, professional conferences, discussion evenings and exhibitions are a natural part of university life, and you are always welcome to take part in them. As a specialist with a rapidly expanding experience, you may be interested in self-improvement at the Open Academy, our language courses and the Summer School. The Academic Library remains at your disposal. The help of our career counsellors is also available to plan your professional future.

Joining Tallinn University's alumni community will help you stay informed about our university events and alumni events. While the main purpose of these events is to provide participants with new knowledge and opportunities to have a say, they offer our alumni important added value: the opportunity to meet your old classmates and make new acquaintances.

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