Tallinn University Trade Union is an independent and voluntary civil society organisation that represents and protects the interests of the employees of Tallinn University.

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You are welcome to contact us via our general address ametiyhing@tlu.ee. You can contact the Member of the Board, CEO, board members or trustees directly as well. An appointment via email and/or by phone.

Members of the Board

  • Triin Roosalu, Chair of the Board and Member of the Board, Main Trustee (Associate Professor of Sociology and Senior Researcher, School of Governance, Law and Society). An appointment via email triin.roosalu@tlu.ee.

  • Kadri Aavik, Board Member (Associate Professor of Gender Studies, School of Governance, Law and Society)

  • Martin Aidnik, Board Member (Lecturer, School of Governance, Law and Society)

  • Kairit Kall, Board Member (PhD Candidate, Early-Stage Researcher (School of Governance, Law and Society) and Lecturer

  • Eeva Kesküla, Board Member (Senior Researcher, School of Humanities)
  • Tiiu Kuurme, Board Member (Associate Professor, School of Educational Sciences)
  • Uku Lember, Board Member (Lecturer and Researcher, School of Humanities)
  • Tiiu Rumen, Board Member
  • Pille Saar, Board Member and Trustee (Lecturer, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School)


  • Eeva Kesküla, Trustee (Senior Researcher, School of Humanities)
  • Marika Kutškova, Trustee (Teachers' Academy Programme Coordinator, School of Educational Sciences)
  • Pille Ubakivi-Hadachi, Trustee (Early-Stage Researcher, School of Governance, Law and Society)


Accountant: Eva Kuuskla
Phone: +372 52 186 12 
An appointment via phone.

Our address is: Narva mnt 25, room T-303, Tallinn 10120.  

Registry code: 80079671. Bank account: MTÜ Tallinna Ülikooli Ametiühing, EE892200001120063120                                                                                                                                                                               

Tallinn University Trade Union is a member ofEesti Kõrgkoolide, Teadus- ja Arendusasutuste Ametiliitude Ühenduse UNIVERSITAS (UNIVERSITAS, the Federation of the Estonian Universities). We are also a member of Akadeemiliste Ametiühingute Nõukogu (Academic Trade Union), helding the Presidency currently. We've collaborative partnerships with Tartu Ülikooli Ametiühing (Trade Union of Tartu University), TTÜ Akadeemiline Ametiliit (Academic Professionals Union of Tallinn University of Technology) and Teaduskoda.

To join the TLU Trade Union, please fill out and digitally sign the membership application and the statement to pay the membership fee. Please send these documents to ametiyhing@tlu.ee.