Tallinn University Trade Union is an independent and voluntary civil society organisation that represents and protects the interests of the employees of Tallinn University.

  • Click here to view the Tallinn University Trade Union statute (in Estonian).

You are welcome to contact us via our general address ametiyhing@tlu.ee. You can contact the Member of the Board, CEO, board members or trustees directly as well. An appointment via email and/or by phone.

Members of the Board

  • Birgit Poopuu, Chair of The Board (Research Fellow, School of Governance, Law and Society)

  • Marika Kutškova (Programme Coordinator, School of Educational Sciences)

  • Daniele Monticelli (Professor of Italian Studies and Semiotics, School of Humanities)

  • Tanel Vallimäe (Lecturer, School of Governance, Law and Society)

Executive officer: Joonatan Nõgisto
To schedule an appointment, please write to joonatan.nogisto@tlu.ee

Accountant: Eva Kuuskla
To schedule an appointment, please call +372 52 186 12 

Our address is: Narva mnt 25, room T-303, Tallinn 10120.  

Registry code: 80079671. Bank account: MTÜ Tallinna Ülikooli Ametiühing, EE892200001120063120                                                                                                                                                                               

To join the Tallinn University Trade Union, please fill out and digitally sign the membership application. Please send this document to ametiyhing@tlu.ee.