The admission for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes at Tallinn University is open! 

Ukrainian war refugees beginning their studies in Tallinn University in the Fall of 2022 will be granted a tuition fee waiver for the 2022/2023 academic year. 
War refugees can apply for temporary protection in Estonia which includes the right to apply for subsistence and other financial benefits. For more information regarding the programs, You can visit HERE!

On the 4th of April the Senate of Tallinn University decided that citizens of Russia and Belarus will not be accepted to study in Tallinn University's Bachelor's and Master's programmes for the 2022/2023 academic year. An exception is granted to persons who:

  • have a residence permit or long-term visa of a European Union member state valid until the 29th of August, 2022;
  • study in Estonia;
  • have international protection in Estonia valid until the 29th of August, 2022.

The deadline for submitting proof of basis of stay valid until at least the 29th of August, is the 1st of May.

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We welcome qualified international students from around the world to apply for our study programmes taught in English. The students here appreciate not only the professional and academic environment but also the welcoming, open and friendly atmosphere of the university. Active international cooperation, well-known guest lecturers and our Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programmes in English help to create the multicultural university community.

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Antti Joonatan Häkli

Antti Joonatan Häkli, Finland

Audiovisual Media and Film Arts alumnus, TV Director

As a Finn, I think it is great to study here in Estonia and I love Estonians!
Isaac Diaz Carpio

Isaac Diaz Carpio, Spain

Communication Management alumnus, SEO Content Admin

Tallinn University is a great place, because it has an intercultural and modern environment.
Irina Ranneva

Irina Ranneva, Russia

Comparative Literature and Cultural Semiotics alumna, English Teacher

Tallinn University is a place where hundreds of possibilities are under one roof.

Reet Sillavee

Estonia Education alumna, International Education Development Coordinator

Tallinn University gave me the opportunity to grow into the person I am today.