Request for information

You can submit an information request if you need information on an issue concerning the work of Tallinn University or if you wish to consult a specific document. We reply to information requests on the same day, if possible, but ultimately within 5 working days.

We cannot meet your request if you ask for information intended for internal use or for other information subject to publication restrictions, such as personal data.

Please note that if you request an official opinion, assessment or summary, ask us to intervene, point out flaws, etc., we have to first create a document or compile the information in order to reply to you. Such requests are classified as requests for explanations or memoranda, which we will reply to within 30 calendar days.


Tallinn University Act
Tallinn University Statutes
Tallinn University Development Plan 2020 - 2022

Featured on this page are the most important documents concerning the management of the university. The specific regulations for each field (teaching, research, etc.) can be found on the pages of the respective fields.