The objective of the Property Management Office is to develop, administer and maintain the university’s movable and immovable property in order to guarantee the accommodation and conditions necessary to conduct academic activities, as well as to ensure the economical and efficient use of these assets. 

Property Management Office
Tallinn University
Narva mnt 25
10120 Tallinn
Phone: +372 640 9160


Property Management
Name Profession Room E-mail Phone no.
Terje Luide Head T-102 +372 640 9164
Leo Must Maintenance and Construction Senior Specialist T-100B +372 6409161
Anna Keelmann Maintenance senior Specialist T-101 +372 6409 264
Anu Jürine Maintenance Specialist T-100B +372 640 9179
Aare Vahtrik Technical Specialist S-120A +372 640 9267
Aavo Petrauts Technical Specialist S-120 +372 640 9167
Milvi Mõsovski House Manager S-121 +372 640 9367
Silvia Müllner House Manager S-121 +372 640 9165
Ando Kalda Repair Worker -
Veiko Ummelas Repair Worker
Ain Mihkelson Electrician +372 640 9266
Villem Laas Plumber
Ivar Mölder Driver-technician
Karmen Henning Receptionist
Ludmilla Mäting Receptionist
Veera Semerikova Receptionist
Tiina Põllumägi Receptionist
Signe Küttim Receptionist
Riina Kalda Receptionist
Ülle Eismel Receptionist
Helys Väärä Receptionist
Tiina Troska Receptionist
Maie Väli Receptionist
Ingrid Helm Receptionist +372 639 1760
Vilma Talvik Receptionist +372 639 1760
Helvi Truusa Caretaker
Heli Lankard Cloakroom Attendant
Eva Kuus Cloakroom Attendant
Eduard Väli Repair Worker
Tiit Nurklik Project Manager
Olga Rõivasepp Cloakroom Attendant
Heli Lankard Cloakroom Attendant
Indrek Koduvere Repair Worker
Aili Sika Cloakroom Attendant
Olga Rõivasepp Cloakroom Attendant
Eva Kuus Cloakroom Attendant
Elna Urtson Receptionist
Aili Sika Cloakroom Attendant