Tallinn University rents different university campus rooms for organizing events for up to 500 people.
Tallinn University Conference Centre helps to  rooms in Terra, Mare, Silva and Astra buildings.


Selection of rooms for rent:

Terra (Narva mnt 25)

Meeting rooms for up to 14 people

Workshop rooms for up to 51 people

University Assembly Hall (T324) for up to 228 people

Mare (Uus-Sadama 5)

Meeting room with a view on the Baltic sea (M649) for up to 20 people

Senate Hall (M648) for up to 40 people with an U-shaped table and a simultaneous interpretation booth

Workshop rooms for up to 50 people

Riho Päts Auditorium (M213) for up to 51 people with a piano and line-seats

Inclining Auditoriums M225 for up to 126 people and M134 for up to 147, both with line-seats

Tallinn Hall (210 m², 255 seats, line-seats, simultaneous interpretation booth)          

Atrium (Mare 3rd floor) with a piano and banquette tables

Silva (Narva mnt 29)

Workshop and seminar rooms for 16-70 people

Astra (Narva mnt 29)

Seminar rooms for 10-70 people

Big Ring Auditorium (A242) for up to 68 people

European Hall (A222) for up to 200 people

Auditorium Maximum (A002) for up to 329 people

Researchers' Forum  (A104)

Room A046