Tallinn University stands for the academic spirit and advances the regeneration capacity of Estonia. We contribute to the preservation and prosperity of Estonian intelligentsia and democracy. We develop our culture, maintain the national cultural heritage and support the research culture in Estonian language, based on high-level international research. We are the innovators of education and the promoters of research-based mindset in the society and in the organisation thereof.

Our strength constitutes a broad-based approach to the challenges of the 21th century, which integrates different research areas, innovation, rapid response capacity, active participation in the society and openness to changes. We participate in public discussions in Estonian and help to create a more diverse research area, and contribute to the ability of Estonia to function successfully while taking into account international developments.

Tallinn University’s mission is to support the sustainable development of Estonia through high-quality research, studies and creative work, public discussion, entrepreneurship, co-operation with the public and third sector, and promotion of academic partnership. The university’s academic activity centres around five focus fields: educational innovation, digital and media culture, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and society and open governance.

In the years 2023–2027, Tallinn University will focus its activities on supporting Estonia’s best ways of coping in the modern and future world characterised by tensions and uncertainty, but at the same time by new possibilities and their use. The university contributes to the functioning of Estonia as a smart society, offering research-based and creative solutions for arranging our collective life as well as for shaping a dignified and participatory future perspective for people. To this end:

  • we will help to ensure a new generation of teachers at all levels of education, support inclusive education and flexible learning paths, and coping in a multicultural and multilingual school environment;
  • we will develop digital and innovative solutions that support the development of the society and culture, advance media literacy and digital competence, and help to adjust to the impacts of the digital revolution in education, creative field and labour market;
  • we will contribute to the more efficient functioning of the public space in Estonian language, teach, study and develop Estonian culture, and Estonian language as the first and second language;
  • we will contribute to Estonia’s adaptation to changes in nature and society, offer solutions to developing people’s health-related behaviour and well-being, sustainable management of natural resources and the implementation of green transition;
  • we will help to shape viable solutions at the national and local level in the field of governance, social protection and legal systems, policy-making, social involvement and public services.

The university’s strategic goals for the years 2023–2027 support these endeavours.

High-level research and creative work for Estonia

Tallinn University gives its contribution to Estonia’s ability to function as a smart, strong and creative society which can cope with the global tensions as well as with its own development needs. To this end, we carry out high-level basic and applied research, creative work, innovation and knowledge transfer, and contribute to the knowledge base of the Estonian way of life, Estonian language and culture, and more generally, to international research, creative works and innovation.


  • We will contribute actively into high-level research.
  • We will create and help to implement research-based solutions in Estonian society.
  • We will build capacities in creative research, the arts and modern technologies.
  • We will preserve and develop academic Estonian and scientific culture in Estonian.

Life-changing learning experience and education matching future needs

Tallinn University is an innovative interdisciplinary university that creates academic conditions for the effective fulfilment of the learners’ potential. We create learning paths where personal needs are taken into account and which support the development of both expertise and the future skills. Learners acquire a transversal co-operation experience and can make use of their competences in dealing with issues that arise in their personal, professional and social life. Innovative capacity and the high quality of teaching and learning are supported by close relations with the alumni and employers, and by increasing learners’ freedom of choice and responsibilities. We promote evidence-based, reflexive and collaborative education in the university and in Estonia as a whole.


  • We will develop high-quality education that supports future competences.
  • We will shape diverse ways based on personal needs for studying in the university.
  • We will renew Estonian society through education. 

A smart and valued organisation

Tallinn University is a place where people want to study and work. In developing the university, we aim for an organisation which supports engagement in global research, high-level teaching and learning, systemic working arrangements by which the potential of the members is exploited, high added value of the activity, and anticipating the needs of the society and flexibly adjusting to them in the best possible way. The university is an open organisation that functions purposefully, while constantly learning, offers new knowledge, skills and experiences, and can contribute to the development of Estonia reliably and with high quality. 


  • We will keep the university viable and sustainable, its community of members cohesive and diverse.
  • We will develop the management of the university as inclusive, efficient and value-based.
  • We will develop the university as a valued place of learning and working that meets today’s expectations.
  • We will strengthen the adaptability of the university and its capability of affecting the operating environment.