Name Graduation year  Speciality Occupation at the time of recognition
Aksel Telgmaa 1956 Mathematics Professor emeritus
Allan Puur 2000 Demographics Professor at Tallinn University
Andres Avarand 1998 Music Sciences Associate professor emeritus, conductor
Angela Arraste 2009 Choreographer and director Head of folk dance, lecturer
Anneli Habicht 2015 Andragogy Chief Executive Officer of the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People
Ants Antson 1975 Physical Education Speed skater, Olympic winner
Anu Välba 1998 TV directing Journalist, anchor
Ave Kumpas-Maior 1960 Physical education and music Music pedagogue
Birgy Lorenz 2017 Mathematics Researcher at Taltech, a leading person in digital safety and security-related education
Darja Saar 2008 Administration Former member of the board of SA Entrum and chief executive officer, head editor of ETV+
David Vseviov 2003 Cultural history Historian, lecturer, author, anchor
Dimitri Mironov 2008 Russian philology Cultural attaché of the embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Moscow
Edgar Schlümmer 2004 Youth work Director of Estonian Youth Work Centre
Elmar Vaher 2016 Law Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board
Educational scientist
Endel Noor 1993 Educational Sciences Educational scientist
Evar Riitsaar 1994 Art and drafting teacher Holder of heritage, artist, former leader of Setomaa
Eve Eisenschmidt 2006 Educational Sciences Professor at Tallinn University
Haide Männamäe 1993 Stage directing Actress, founder of theatre Piip and Tuut
Hannaliisa Uusma 2011 Sociology Project manager at the Social Insurance Board
Hasso Krull 1998 Cultural history Poet, essayist and translator
Heikki Ernits 1975 Drawing, drafting and crafting Film director, cartoonist
Hele Kiisel 1977 Mathematics Mathematics teacher at Hugo Treffner Gymnasium
Ilmar Tomusk 1989 Estonian language and literature Director general of Estonian Language Board, children's author
Jaagup Kreem 1995 Stage directing Musician, lead singer of the band Terminaator
Jaak Kilmi 1998 Audio-visual disciplines Film director and producer
Jaak Salumets 1978 Physical Education Politician, public sports figure
Jaan Tootsen 2000 Radio directing Film director, journalist, anchor, cultural advisor of the president
Jaan Rannap 1956 Mathematics Children's author
Janne Andresoo 1996 Information sciences General Director of the National Library of Estonia
Joonas Hellerma 2009 Philosophy Journalist, anchor
Juhan Paadam 1976 Cultural education, stage director Producer
Kaia Iva 1986 Mathematics and physics teacher Minister of Social Affairs, politician
Kalev Pihl 2002 Mathematics Director of the Certification Centre
Karin Lukk 2009 Educational sciences Headmaster of Tartu Kivilinna School
Katrin Poom-Valickis 2008 Educational sciences Professor at Tallinn University
Krista Loogma 2004 Educational Sciences Professor at Tallinn University
Krista Kerge 2003 Estonian philology Professor at Tallinn University, language scientist
Kristina Viirpalu 2007 Choreography Fashion artist
Kristjan Port 1982 Physical Education Professor at Tallinn University
Larissa Jõgi 1982 Russian language and literature Professor at Tallinn University
Lauri Leppik 2006 Social Work Research track associate professor at Tallinn University
Lembit Andresen 1957 History Professor emeritus
Lembit Türnpuu 1957 Mathematics and physics Educational scientist
Lennart Lennuk 2010 Marine biologist and environmental specialist Director of the zoology department of the Estonian Museum of Natural History
Liis Läll 2004 Vocational teacher Vocational teacher of the field of catering at Kehra Vocational Education Centre
Luule Sakkeus 2000 Demographics Research track associate professor at Tallinn University
Lydia Rahula 1973 Singing and music teacher Music teacher, conductor
Maarja Vaino 2011 Culture research Literary scientist, director of Tallinn Literary Centre
Madis Lepik 1982 Mathematics Doctor of didactics of mathematics
Maia Muldma 2004 Music, educational sciences Doctor of didactics of music studies at Tallinn University
Mailis Reps 1998 Law Minister of Education and Research, politician
Mare Müürsepp 2005 Educational Sciences Researcher of Estonian children's literature, educational scientist and class teacher
Marek Link 2006 Education management Rectorate of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
Marge Unt 2007 Sociology Professor at Tallinn University, director of the Institute of International Social Studies
Margus Viher 1996 Information sciences General director of the Estonian Patent Office
Marika Vaarik 1991 Stage directing Actress, a founder of theatre VAT
Marko Reikop 1991 Librarianship and bibliography Journalist, anchor
Mart Taniel 2005 Audio-visual art Cinematographer
Mart Laanpere 2013 Educational Sciences Research track associate professor of Educational Technology at Tallinn University
Mart Mäe 2010 Informatics Member of the board of Microsoft Estonia
Mart Kuurme 1997 Pedagogics Physics teacher and principal of Tallinn Secondary School of Science
Martin Ehala 1990 Estonian language and literature Language scientist of Estonian, lecturer
Merle Karusoo 1999 Cultural history Director, holder of heritage culture, founder of memory theatre
Mikk Marran 2003 Administration General director of Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service
Olavi Pihlamägi 1971 Cultural education work, higher-qualified club worker, stage director Journalist, cultural figure
Olivia Saar 1959 Estonian language and literature Children's author
Ott Lumi 2005 Administration Public relations officer, entrepreneur
Peeter Jalakas 1987 Cultural education, stage director Head of theatre, director, innovator of theatre, politician
Piret Mõistlik 2001 Law Judge
Rait Kuuse 2002 Social Work Deputy Secretary General on Social Policy at the Ministry of Social Affairs
Raivo Suviste 1980 Cultural education work, director of folk theatre TV Producer
Reet Linna 1968 Drawing, drafting and crafting Journalist, anchor, author of lyrics
Reili Argus 2008 Linguistics Professor at Tallinn University
Rein Virkus 1955 Estonian language and literature Rectorate of Tallinn Pedagogic Institute Named After E. Vilde
Renee Nõmmik 1984 Cultural education, head of dance Doctor, founder of dance theatre Fine5, choreograph
Roomet Leiger 2008 Environmental management Director of Estonian Maritime Academy
Saale Kibin 2003 Psychology Psychologist at Tondi Middle School and Tallinn Counselling Centre
Saskia Kask 2011 Social Work Prosecutor
Sirje Virkus 1997 Information sciences Professor, head of the informational sciences academic direction
Sirje Almann 1995 Educational Sciences Lecturer, base education and kindergarten teaching developer
Sulev Keedus 1979 Cultural education, folk theatre director Film director
Sven Lõhmus 1994 Conductor of a brass orchestra Composer, music producer
Teibi Torm 2011 Andragogy Head of the "Back to School" initiative
Tiina Meeri 1977 Drawing, drafting and crafting Art and crafts teacher, author of textbooks
Tiina Hiob 1999 Psychology Marketing theory lecturer, marketing expert
Tiina Tiit 1991 Class teacher Tallinn Pelgulinna Gymnasium, head of studies
Tiit Karuks 1970 Estonian language and literature Journalist
Tiit Kõrvits 2004 Social Work Lecturer, musician
Tõnis Stamberg 2004 Sociology Executive director of Turu-uuringute AS
Tõnis Saarts 2017 Sociology, political sciences, state sciences Doctor of comparative politics at Tallinn University
Toomas Tross 1992 Stage directing Actress, founder of theatre Piip and Tuut
Toomas Kirss 1984 Cultural education, stage director Film director, TV producer
Toomas Tõniste 1996 Physical culture teacher Minister of finance, politician
Toomas Tõnise 1976 Physical Education Vice president of the Estonian Olympic Committee
Triin Ruumet 2014 Film Film director
Üllar Kerde 1976 Physical Education Public sports figure, basketball coach
Uno Loop 1980 Cultural education, head of orchestra Singer, guitarist, pedagogue
Urmas Ott 1979 Cultural education, folk theatre director Journalist, anchor
Urmas Vadi 2002 Radio directing Writer, journalist, screenwriter, director
Vladislav Koržets 1974 Mathematics Journalist, writer, anchor