The ApprEnt project is a EU-funded project that addresses the challenges of high youth unemployment and the shortage of skills required by employers.

It aims to bridge the gap between the world of education and business, enhancing partnerships that involve companies, HEIs as VET provider and other relevant stakeholders such as public bodies and learners, with the aim of promoting work-based learning and apprenticeship.

Growing productivity of industrial work is resulting in high youth unemployment. At the same time, skills requirements are changing: more high level knowledge as well as experience-based competencies are needed. Hence, there is a particular need to promote and expand the capacity of work-based learning and apprenticeships programmes. In this respect, the major challenge will be to reintegrate and synchronise the “working and the learning worlds”.

ApprEnt intends to bridge the gap between the worlds of education and business, enhancing partnerships that involve companies, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) as VET providers, and other relevant stakeholders such as public bodies, representatives of learners and representatives of VET providers, with the ultimate aim of promoting the establishment of work-based learning and especially apprenticeships.

If you have any question about our project ApprEnt please contact us: Lilian Rückenberg

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