The Academic Affairs Office coordinates the following activities:

  • informing prospective students of the learning opportunities available at Tallinn University and coordinating the admission of new Estonian and international students

Admission information is available:
- in English: +372 640 9234


- in Estonian: +372 640 9135 or by e-mail vastuvott@tlu.ee

  • issuing various certificates to students, diplomas to graduates and coordinating the issue of diploma supplements

  • administering the Study Information System (ÕIS) and offering support for the system users by e-mailing ois@tlu.ee or by phone +372 6409 232

  • coordinating student mobility by administering different academic exchange programs, including the LLP/Erasmus programme

    International exchange students can obtain information by e-mailing exchange@tlu.ee or by phone +372 640 9217. Information about the Erasmus programme in general and Erasmus contracts may be obtained by e-mailing erasmus@tlu.ee or by phone: +372 640 9136

  • coordinating the preparation and development of degree education curricula and the subject catalogue

  • assisting in developing timetables for full-time students as well as study and exam schedules for distance learning groups

  • providing career, academic and psychological counselling through the Career and Counselling Centre
  • providing different technical solutions for e-learning and advises academic staff on the e-learning environment through the E-learning Centre

Academic Affairs Office
Terra building
Tallinn University
Narva Rd 25
10120 Tallinn
Phone: +372 640 9131
E-mail: oppeosakond@tlu.ee


Academic Affairs Office
Name Profession Room E-mail Phone no.
Helen Joost Head T-214 helen.joost@tlu.ee +372 640 9130
Grete Mai Keert Study Management Specialist T-213 gretemay@tlu.ee +372 6409 131
Anne Vare Study Management Specialist T-213 anne.vare@tlu.ee +372 640 9131
Nele Dobrõš Senior Specialist for International Studies T-215A nele.dobros@tlu.ee +372 640 9136
Triin Adamson International Admission Senior Specialist T-216 triin.adamson@tlu.ee + 372 640 9234
Johanna Kukk International Admission Senior Specialist T-215A johanna.kukk@tlu.ee +372 640 9233
Paula Balic International Admission Specialist T-216 paula.balic@tlu.ee +372 6409 234
Elina Malleus-Kotšegarov Study Management Specialist elina.malleus@tlu.ee
Kairit Ojang Study Management Senior Specialist T-214 kairit.ojang@tlu.ee +372 6409 238
Maris Kurel Study Management Specialist T-214 maris.kurel@tlu.ee +372 640 9133
Merli Laurson Studies Information System Specialist T-213 merli.laurson@tlu.ee +372 640 9232
Aet Möllits Interdisciplinary studies coordinator T-306 aet.mollits@tlu.ee +372 640 9236
Kadi Möldri International Studies Specialist T-215A kadi.moldri@tlu.ee +372 640 9136
Mati Väljas Studies Information System Specialist T-214 mati.valjas@tlu.ee
Ingrid Hinojosa Incoming Exchange Students Coordinator T-215 ingrid.hinojosa@tlu.ee +372 640 9217
Kersti Papson Study Management Senior Specialist T-214 kersti.papson@tlu.ee +372 640 9137
Henri Nõmm Legal Counsel of Academic Affairs T-214 henri.nomm@tlu.ee +372 6409 134