• The Tallinn University logo may only be used in the form and colours shown below. The colour version must be used whenever the use allows it. 
  • The logo must not be altered, deformed or displayed in poor quality.
  • When using the logo, leave a space equal to 1/2 of the height of the logo at each edge.

TLU logo

Logo files for designers

PDF (estonian)
PDF (english)

PDF(English black)

These files are suitable for adding a logo to prints and other surfaces and can be used in most common design programs. The PDF can also be viewed with Acrobat Reader.

Logo files for the end user

JPG (estonian, colorful) 
JPG (estonian, black and white)
JPG (english, colorful)
JPG (english, black and white)

These files are suitable for use with word processing software on any computer. Documents with a black-and-white printout must use the black-and-white logo. 

If you have any questions regarding the use of the logo, please contact:

Kristjan Kalde

PHONE(+372) 6409 141