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The FilmeEU_RIT summit and the 2nd BalticNeuroCine conference took place at Tallinn University

Neurocine Konverents

On 23-26 April, the FilmEU_RIT Summit of the international association of film universities organized by the Baltic Film, Media and Arts Institute (BFM) and the 2nd Baltic NeuroCine conference combining film and neuroscience took place at Tallinn University.

Both the summit and the preceding NeuroCine conference brought together over a hundred international guests to present the final results of pilot projects initiated within the framework of FilmEU's innovation and knowledge transfer activities and to discuss the latest developments in film and neuroscience.

During the four days, over 40 individual and group presentations took place, three plenary presentations were held, various work meetings took place, and several smaller side events, including, for example, seminars of the C-Accelerate and CresCine projects and a meeting of the CILECT association of film schools.

Both events can be viewed on the FilmEU Vimeo platform:

Day 1 of the NeuroCine conference:
Day 2 of the NeuroCine conference:

FilmEU_RIT Summit:

The conference was supported by FilmEU_RIT, CILECT, the city of Tallinn and the group grant "Cinematic minds behind-the-scenes" (PRG2109) funded by the Estonian Science Agency (2024-2028). The FilmEU_RIT project is financed by the European Union from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (agreement no. 101035820).