"Me & Her" premiers at Ji.hlava IDFF

The short documentary is having its world premiere at the beloved 26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival. Being part of the "Short Joy" competition means everyone can watch the film on DA Films for free until 23rd of October, and also vote for it.


The authors of "Me & Her" are BFM alumi Eldar Basmanov and Ahmed Fouad Ragab.

Synopsis: Eldar is a 21-year-old Russian film student residing in Estonia after living for 18 years in Russia as a woman. His grandmother lives in a small town in Russia. Eldar is leading a double-life hiding from her that he transitioned into a man by making his voice appear more feminine during phone calls with her, and photoshopping his pictures he sends her. After Eldar gets a call from his grandmother, who is concerned about the rumours of her granddaughter posing as a man online, Eldar decides to come to his grandmother’s birthday party to address the situation.


Watch the film and vote here