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Time: October 26, 2018, at 12 pm
Venue: University's Ceremonial Hall (Narva Rd 25, III floor)
Graduates and supervisors will assemble at 11:30 AM at T-307.
First-time Professors, please come to T-307 at 11:45.
Members of Doctoral Studies Councils, the Rectorate and Professors, please come to the front of the Ceremonial Hall by 11:55.

Academic traditions

  • The ceremony starts and ends with a procession. 

Members of the Rectorate, Doctors and Honorary Doctors to be conferred, supervisors and presenters (also the accompanying persons of the honorary doctors), members of doctorate councils and professors take part in the procession. Honorary doctors to be conferred, their presenters and accompanying persons have a seat in the first two rows on the right.

  • At academic events, the first, third and fourth verse of the student hymn Gaudeamus are sung.
  • One of the oldest academic traditions sees that appreciation is shown via shuffling of feet, not clapping.

Dress code

  • Dark suit and dark dress or costume for the Ladies

Conferment of doctors

Doctors are conferred according to the doctorate councils.

  1. The person in charge of the meeting asks a doctor and her/his supervisor to come up.
  2. Doctor and the supervisor stand up, go to the front of the hall and face the audience; at the same time the head of doctorate council is given a diploma and rector is given a scarf.
  3. The diploma text is read out.
  4. After having listened to the diploma text the supervisor shakes hands with the doctor and sits down on a chair facing the audience.
  5. Doctor goes to the head of doctorate council who gives her/him a diploma; after that rector comes up with a scarf to wrap it round the doctor´s neck.
  6. Doctor gives a signature in a book.
  7. Doctor is given a flower.
  8. Doctor goes to the centre of the hall, bows and goes to sit down next to her/his supervisor facing the audience.

The ceremony is held in Estonian.

After the ceremony the event photographer will ask doctors and supervisors to return to the Ceremonial hall to take pictures for the university archives.

Conferment dinner

You are cordially invited to attend the lunch following the ceremony (details are available in official invitation letters).


Photos taken by photographer Sven Meresmaa are available to order here.
Photos by Tallinn University photographer Piret Räni can be seen here.

Autumn party

The Tallinn University Autumn Party will take place on 26 October at 19:00 in Tallinn (details are available in official invitation letters).

More information:

Evelin Värva
telefon: 640 9138