DLG Gamelab successfully concluded an industry project centered around cybersecurity awareness for children aged 8-14

Spoofy is an engaging online game designed to educate children aged 8-14 about cyber security issues by immersing them in a character-driven experience focused on problem-solving.

Spoofy game

Initially developed by CGI Finland, a multinational software design corporation, and later taken over by CGI Estonia the game took an interesting turn on its fifth level. CGI collaborated with GameLab of the School of Digital Technologies at Tallinn University, where two students from the Digital Learning Games master's program contributed as artists, creating essential assets for gameplay. Additionally, another two second-year DLG students provided background solutions for the game, while Lecturer of Serious Games Mikhail Fiadotau served as the story consultant and overviewer, with Junior Research Fellow Peadar Charles Callaghan taking on the role of project manager.

Spoofy was officially released in October 2023, featuring versions in Estonian, Russian, English, Danish, Polish and Ukrainian. The game, which derives its name from the term "spoof," a technique used in hacking, is freely accessible on spoofy.ee and was financially supported by CGI Finland and Telia.

What distinguishes Spoofy as a learning game is its ability to present players with questions related to various cyber security scenarios. The developers incorporated elements covering network selection, password security, and insightful tips on social media behavior. Despite its educational focus, Spoofy manages to be enjoyable due to its captivating adventure set in a charming cartoon world, ensuring players remain engaged throughout the gaming experience.

Peadar reflects on the challenge of joining the design team mid-project, highlighting the need for the DLG team to analyze the existing four levels. Their task involved playing the game, mapping out decision points, and following the project initiation document. Despite these challenges, the project was successful, leading to ongoing negotiations for the creation of Spoofy's sixth level.

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