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Interview with an Educational Innovation and Leadership graduate Guilherme Struecker

Guilherme Struecker (left on the photo) graduated from Tallinn University's Educational Innovation and Leadership master’s programme in 2021. Read on to find out why he chose Estonia, what was his experience in Tallinn University like, what surprised him, etc.

Guilherme Struecker

Where are you from and why did you choose to study in Estonia?

I am originally from Brazil but moved to Estonia from Mexico. I was looking for a university, where to improve myself as a teacher. There was no better option than to do that in a country, which is among the top charts in educational rankings around the globe.

In my experience, Educational Innovation and Leadership programme gives you a sense of direction, maybe even a purpose. It creates new paths, both personally and professionally.

Guilherme Struecker

How would you describe your experience studying in Tallinn University? What have been the most memorable moments in Tallinn University and in Estonia?

It was a very good one. From day one, Tallinn University students and staff were very welcoming and throughout my studies, extremely supportive. I will always appreciate, how practical the whole course was, demonstrating constant connection between our studies and reality.

It is hard to choose one specific memorable moment other than graduation day, but my first winter in Estonia was definitely something I will never forget. 

What surprised you during your studies in Tallinn University? What has surprised you about Estonia?

During my studies, I was most surprised, how approachable everyone was, both the staff and students. Coming from Latin America, I expected to feel a lot more out-of-place than I actually did.

As for Estonia, I really appreciated, how much easier everyday life is compared to where I come from – from the visa process to public transportation. I'm excluding the language of course, have yet to master that.

What is student life like in Tallinn University?

Since the courses are all quite demanding, I would say, it is hard work. However, since everything I studied was always made very relatable, I was given the motivation to put the necessary work into it. 

How does Tallinn University differ from your previous university?

In Tallinn University, I felt more comfortable. Professors always had an open door or inbox to help me out. However, since Tallinn University expects the students to be more independent than my previous university, I had to find the right balance in my way of studying. 

Do you still live in Estonia? What do you do now?

I still live in Estonia. I am now a Human Sciences and English teacher at an international school in Tallinn.

What are your future goals in this field?

I have been trying to start a PhD in educational sciences, preferably at Tallinn University.

Why should one apply to study Educational Innovation and Leadership?

In my experience, Educational Innovation and Leadership programme gives you a sense of direction, maybe even a purpose. It creates new paths, both personally and professionally. The course offers a mixture between theory and practice, that I had never before noticed about a Master’s Degree.

Educational Innovation and Leadership

(photo: Piret Räni)