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Revisiting Our Beginnings for Our MA in Educational Innovation and Leadership (EduInno)

Back in 2018, we laid the foundation and launched the EduInno program. Now, six years later, we're excited to revisit the reflections from Professor Eve Eisenschdmit at the program's inception.

International students

Program Vision

Our MA program in Educational Innovation and Leadership at Tallinn University is inspired by the belief that education is the essential force for global change and improvement, and can make the world a better place.


The EduInno program was established in response to global curiosity about Estonia's remarkable rise in the education sector. Many people from around the world have been asking us about Estonian success. Moreover, the university is backed by the Centre for Innovation in Education and the Research Laboratory for Learning and Teaching by Technology.

Student Experience

Expect an intensive journey of personal and professional growth. You will be self-directed as you will set the learning goals and expectations and evaluate what you have learned. Students in our program will not be just learners but co-creators of their educational path and will make a fundamental change in their educational settings.

Dynamic Curriculum

Our program has a unique position – it is launched after careful research and is also very personalized. Our program will not just hand the students theoretical knowledge; it will equip them with proven skills based on Estonia's educational triumphs. We will not have mass lectures but one-on-one and small-group interactions with our leading educators. Learners can tap into their lecturers' expertise, networks, and resources to discover their paths to success. 

Since 2018

A lot has changed. Our EduInno program has grown, and it's all thanks to our educators and students.

Read some impressions of EduInno students about their educational journeys

  • Alina from Ukraine: I’ve chosen the EduInno program as Estonia is one of the world leaders in education and its practices, knowledge and experience may help me to understand educational problems in my home country and design solutions to them. My experiences here have been incredibly affirming; the high competency of the teachers and the well-structured, supportive learning environment. I’m very happy to be in our group because everyone here is to develop and improve themselves as professionals, we have a friendly and supportive atmosphere. 
  • Ana from Georgia: I chose this program as I wanted to learn more, my aim is to become a good educator and for that I  think we all need proper knowledge. I like the way we are learning and  we all are lucky with our international group.
  • Hatago from Namibia: I decided to study at EduInno because I have personally seen a great need for Innovation and Leadership in my home country.  I feel that I am really happy with what we are doing in this program. I am exactly where I need to be right now. The courses have addressed many of the questions that I have had coming into the program.

A few cohorts of alums from different corners of the world arrived in Estonia. They explored the advancements and challenges of education and innovation and learned what it means to be a leader. We watched our alumni go on to lead their educational projects. Fast forward to today, and our commitment remains steadfast: we empower tomorrow's leaders to drive educational change. We understand that passion alone won't revolutionize education; it needs actionable strategies and a deep understanding of educational dynamics. 

The question is: Are you ready to be a part of the change? It starts here.


Key Deadlines:

  • Non-EU/EEA applicants (except Republic of Korea, Japan, USA): March 15
  • Republic of Korea, Japan, USA applicants: May 1
  • EU/EEA citizens: June 1
  • Non-EU/EEA and EU/EEA residents with local permits/IDs and studies completed in Estonia: July 1

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