Social Change is Brought About via Adult Education in our Joint Master Degree Programme

In a fast changing global world, where the rich get richer and the poor remain that way due to, among others, lack of access to education, adult education is one of the keys to equipping individuals with relevant skills to stand against social and economic inequality. Come and learn how you can bring about social change in your community, country or even the world!

adults educating

In autumn semester 2018, the third cohort with 26 students from the international Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme "Adult Education for Social Change" (IMAESC for short) started their 2-year journey to influence social change via adult education. The group has students from every continent in the world, except for Australia and Antarctica. 

The international consortium consists of four degree awarding partners: University of Glasgow (leading partner), University of Malta, Open University of Cyprus and Tallinn University. Summer school is offered by University Sains Malaysia. The first semester the students spend in Glasgow, the second semester in Malta, the third semester in Tallinn. On the fourth semester, the students can decide if they wish to spend it in Glasgow, Malta or Tallinn according to their dissertation topic. Open University of Cyprus provides online courses in the first, second and third semester.

In June 2018, the programme received additional funding from Erasmus Mundus to fund another 4 cohorts and 79 scholarships during that period. An additional degree-awarding partner was added in Maynooth University in Ireland. The scholarship covers the tuition fee, contributes to travel and installation costs between semesters and contributes to monthly subsistence costs. Find more information on the scholarship here.

Application for scholarships for the "Adult Education for Social Change" programme starts on 1  October 2018 and ends on 15 January 2019. After that, admission is still open for self-funded students until 21 July 2019 (non-EU applicants) and 25 August (EU applicants). Admission is organised by University of Glasgow.

Take a moment to explore the programme and admission procedure here.