I am the coordinator of the in Audiovisual Ethnography track in Social Anthropology.

One strand of my research focuses on developing audiovisual methods for anthropological research. I have produced and directed various documentaries and sound-works. I have also curated ethnographic film programmes and ethnographic sound programmes at academic conferences and public events in Europe and the Caribbean.

Another strand of my research is concerned with the complexities of Caribbean island life. My book "Caribbean Island Movements: Culebra's Trans-insularities" (Rowman and Littlefield 2017) introduces the concept of "transinsularism" as a means to engage productively with the contradictions of Caribbean island identities. The monograph is based on a long term relationship with the island of Culebra, located in the north-eastern Caribbean.

Areas of research

Ethnographic filmmaking methods

Sensory ethnography

Sonic ethnography

Cinema, art, music

Post-colonial identities



Western Europe