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By clicking on the title of the course you will be taken to the course outline, which provides basic information about the course. Assessment form "Exam", means the course is graded (A-F); "Assessment" means the result is marked P (pass) or MA (fail).

Autumn Semester 2023/2024

Level Code Title ECTS Assessment Form Comments
BA IFI6099.DT Computer Games 4 Exam  
BA IFI6023.DT Computer Graphics 4 Exam  
MA IFI7180.DT Prototyping 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7219.DT Software Engineering and Design 4 Exam  
MA IFI7338.DT Agile Project Management 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7339.DT Game Development Project 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7319.DT 2D Graphics for Computer Games 4 Assessment Only for MA and PhD students, limited places.
MA IFI7351.DT Gamification Design 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7403.DT Data Driven Decision Making and Change Management in Organisations 6 Exam  
MA DTI7004.DT Active Academic Reading and Writing 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7176.DT Field Research Methods in HCI 4 Exam  
MA IFI7406.DT Business Process Modeling and Automation 4 Exam  


IFI7334.DT Math and Physics for Games 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7411.DT Legal Aspects of E-governance 6 Exam  
MA IFI7355.DT International Perspectives on Digital Educational Innovation 4 Exam  
MA IFI7210.DT Learning Analytics 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7358.DT Game Development Tools 4 Exam  
MA IFI7305.DT Cognition and Emotion of Digital Media 4 Exam  
MA IFI7161.DT Design Theory and Methodology 4 Exam  
MA IFI7401.DT Collective Intelligence in Socio-Technical Systems 6 Exam  
MA IFI7346.DT Introduction to Digital Learning Games 4 Exam  
MA IFI7314.DT End-User Computing 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7316.DT Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction 6 Exam  
MA IFI7345.DT Design of Game Logic 4 Exam  
MA IFI7363.DT Product Management Foundations 4 Exam  
MA IFI7312.DT Trust in Computing 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7044.DT Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics 4 Exam Knowledge of descriptive statistics required
MA IFI7326.DT Pedagogical and Psychological Factors of Developing Learning Games 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7333.DT Psychological Aspects of Game Design 4 Assessment Thesis preparatory course
MA IFI7347.DT Game Studies 4 Assessment  
MA IFI7362.DT Interaction Design Workshop 12 Exam  
PhD IFI8005.DT Multivariate Statistics: Regression Models and Multivariate Analysis of Variance 4 Exam For last semester MA or PhD students, knowledge of descriptive and inferential statistics required.