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Everything about my time in Estonia has been extraordinary!

This year the Master's Programme in Communication Management is celebrating its 10th anniversary. As part of the celebrations, we are publishing a series of stories with our alumni to highlight their achievements and share their experiences. Alumnus Abdur Rehman owes much of his professional success to a strong labor market and a favorable environment in Estonia.

Photo of Abdur

My time in Estonia has shaped me into a strong, culturally aware, and flexible professional ready to take on the challenges of a career in communication management.


My decision to move to Estonia and get my Master's degree in Communication Management was my life's single most formative experience. This article aims to provide insight into my life-altering experience, the significance of communication management in my professional development, the usefulness of the courses I completed, and the vivacity of my adopted home of Estonia.

Photo of Abdur

My expertise lies in communication management as an inbound coach managing a multicultural team. I have developed my abilities in this area to the point that I can work well with others in a team, anticipate their requirements, and offer sound advice. The university's intensive program gave me the skills to effectively lead a large group. I am prepared to meet the challenges of my current position thanks to the knowledge and training I have acquired in communication, interpersonal dynamics, and leadership.

Several classes in my Master’s Programme in Communication Management were formative for my career. Thanks to my training in organisational communication, I now have a firm grasp of how information flows across intricate systems. This information has been crucial in developing strong lines of communication and creating a pleasant workplace. The Intercultural Communication class further broadened my views by emphasising the value of accepting and appreciating alternative points of view. This understanding has helped me communicate clearly and efficiently with co-workers from various cultural backgrounds.

Writing my Master's thesis on "The Role of Communication in Remote Working - Establishing a Stronger, More Cohesive Workplace Culture" allowed me to delve into the dynamic field of remote work. I discussed the difficulties of working in distributed teams and offered suggestions for improving communication and fostering a sense of shared purpose. This study bolstered my communication management knowledge, allowing me to offer insightful advice and practical solutions in today's fast-paced business world.

Everything about my time in Estonia has been extraordinary. Estonia offered a friendly and accepting setting for development thanks to its rich cultural legacy and beautiful natural scenery. The diverse student population and numerous networking events allowed me to get to know people from various lifestyles and broadened my perspective. Furthermore, Estonia's concentration on innovation and technology has fed my curiosity and provided numerous openings for professional growth.

I owe much of my professional success to Estonia's strong job market and encouraging environment. Estonia's entrepreneurial drive, knowledge, and abilities acquired in the MA programme have resulted in promising new prospects. My interest in communication management in the digital age coincides with the country's dedication to digital transformation and innovation. Because of Estonia's welcoming culture and varied workforce, I have developed professionally and made meaningful contributions to my company's success.

Pursuing my Master's degree in Communication Management in Estonia has been one of the best decisions of my life. The training gave me the tools to become an effective leader and communicator in a multicultural workplace. In addition, Estonia's thriving culture and promising job market have given the ideal setting for development on all fronts.