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Imagination and its role in business and business teaching


In this episode of the ScreenME podcast, our host Ulrike Rohn engages in a conversation with Martin Hansen, a founder of VIA University College in Denmark, which today has 20,000 students across 8 different campuses.  At the core of the conversation lie the concept of imagination and imagineering and their role in driving entrepreneurial ventures, entrepreneurial teaching, as well as university and industry collaboration.

Drawing from his wealth of experience within the creative industry, Martin highlights the role of imagination in building bridges between traditional education, research, and practice. He encourages thinking in possibilities and being open-minded to different curricula and modes of practice. Martin also shares examples of successful imagination and collaboration within the creative industry, emphasizing the need for partnership and co-creation.

The discussion expands to address the challenges and opportunities of industry-university collaboration, as well as positioning the future European University of Film and Media Arts by the FilmEU initiative as a driver for new possibilities and impact.

Listen to the podcast here:

Ulrike Rohn podcast