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Intercultural Communication between Tallinn and Monroe

Dr Sara Kim (University of Louisiana Monroe, USA) gave a series of lectures to Masters Students in Communication Management.

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In autumn 2022, a telecollaboration project among students from TLU BFM and University of Louisiana at Monroe took place for the second time. It was led by professors Anastassia Zabrodskaja and Sara Kim. Read the blogs of the six students below the text. The academic collaboration continues this spring.

Sara Kim
Dr Sara Kim

The teaching staff mobility supported by the ERASMUS+ programme Key Action 1 between institutions from Programme and Partner countries aims to increase cooperation internationally and promotes teaching about the central issues raised by super-diversity and intercultural communication as well as globalization. With the support of this programme, during the period of 16th February to 23th February 2023, Dr Sara Kim, Assistant Professor of Communication at the School of Humanities of the University of Louisiana Monroe, USA, gave lectures on “Migration, globalization and challenges” and “Super-Diversity in the United States”, which were a part of the regular courses “Globalization and Identity in Society” and “Super-Diversity and Intercultural Communication”. These courses are taught as part of the Master's Programme in Communication Management.

In her Globalization course lectures, Dr Sara Kim discussed the psychological, social and cultural changes and challenges, which society and individuals face because of migration and globalization. Specifically, she examined them using the Acculturation Model (Berry) and Communication Theory of Identity (Hecht) as theoretical frameworks. In addition, her lecture focused on the topic of managing the identity and resilience of international students during cross-cultural adaptation and the role of online communication in facilitating this process. In her Super-Diversity course lectures, Dr Sara Kim explored the concept of Super-Diversity in the United States and the role of intergroup communication in facilitating identity and relationship management in the super-diverse US. The discussion delved into specific topics such as whiteness, Asian hate (anti-Asian racism), and the challenges faced by Asian Americans in negotiating their identity within the US society. ERASMUS+ teacher mobility between Tallinn University and University of Louisiana Monroe is sure to continue.

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Communication Management Masters Students reflect on their telecollaboration:
Trinidad (Chile)
Hyo (South Korea)
Weikang (China)
Kristofer (Estonia)
Burcu (Turkey)
Anano (Georgia)

The text is by Dr Anastassia Zabrodskaja, Professor of Intercultural Communication, Head of the Master’s Programme in Communication Management, and Executive Director of the European Masters in Intercultural Communication (EMICC).