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Shahan Shah: Tallinn University has an amazing environment

Our Communication Management alumnus Shahan Shah shares his story on why he chose to study at Tallinn University and why he recommends it to others.

Students playing table tennis in front of the Nova building

I Shahan Shaham a Bangladeshi and I’m living in Tallinn. I knew when I got a place at Tallinn University to obtain an MA in Communication Management that it was the right place for me! I have adjusted well to the Estonian weather and culture, and I have also received equal opportunities in Tallinn. The country has extensive opportunities – in the job sector, for example, and even in the business sector where you can establish your company very easily and see a potential future.

My recommendation for prospective students is – enrich your cultural diversity to become a future master! The Communication Management MA programme provides opportunities to work in diverse sectors and enhance your communication skills, while serving as a foundation for employment at a variety of companies in a range of business areas. After graduating, I was offered a job at an international company in Estonia. Communication is a necessity and this programme will help you effectively communicate, as well as learn about cultural and ethical diversity, organizational communication and public relations. Equipping yourself with this knowledge and experience will help you find success. Tallinn University has the best quality of teaching, an amazing environment, and motivated leaders. This allows you to learn communication management and develop your intercultural skills in a practical way. Studying here also means you have a great opportunity to build a career in the communication field and your chosen business area in the future. This course will allow you to enrich your skills up to PhD level.