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Studying Communication Management at TLU exposes you to the possibilities of intercultural diverse classrooms

Our student shared his thoughts on studying Communication Management at Tallinn University

Communication Management

My motivation for studying in Tallinn University was because of the prospects of meeting, interacting and studying with other students from different social and cultural backgrounds. I particularly chose Communication Management because of my background in the area, having obtained my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. However, when I found out the programme was part of a broader European Masters in Intercultural Communication which brings together students and professors from partner universities in their respective areas of specialization, this further stimulated my interest

Tudeng Studying Communication Management in Tallinn University offers the student the opportunity to be socially alert, culturally conscious, intercultural competent and as also well-grounded in communication skills which is relevant in dealing with people in a dynamic and globalized society. It is a life-changing journey of growth and transformation which teaches one to look beyond the boundaries of self and consider others in making decisions and in personal conduct.
The programme challenges students to be bold in creating and executing advanced tasks and also sharpen their critical thinking skills which are needed in today’s corporate workplace. Experiences gained while studying here makes students better fit to relate with people easily, teaches them how to avoid (and resolve) tensions and conflicts relating to social and corporate environments. These skills and the internship experience boosts their employability chances after studies.

The teachers are well grounded in bringing out the creative competencies of students through group projects and other stimulating engagements that makes for an overall interesting study experience. The rich course content which includes theories, techniques and methodologies equally sets the stage for those who may wish to further advance their studies to the PhD level.

I have achieved varying levels of personal improvement, growth and successes. I used to have a shy disposition to presentations and public speaking. However, since studying here, I have been able to overcome that phobia substantially because a good part of the course requires making slides and presentations and there is indeed no hiding place. This was possible by the immense support of the teachers and the students as well.

Studying Communication Management at Tallinn University exposes you to the possibilities of an intercultural diverse classroom, where you can learn first-hand, so many interesting aspects of other cultures, languages, foods and attitudes also.