The course gives an overview of Chinese medicine theory, diagnostics and treatment methods.

The course gives an overview of the history of Chinese medicine and introduces basic theories, simple methods of diagnostics and various types of therapies. Among some topics introduced during the course are: the theory of five elements, meridians and acupuncture, moksa, qigong, nutrition and herbal therapy.

Course title in Estonian

Hiina meditsiin

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Upon successful completion of the course the student: 
• knows main theories of Chinese medicine and is able to shortly describe them 
• is able to make diagnostics of the simple health problems based on the observation and questioning 
• knows how to stop the progression of the the health problems and is able to apply prophylactics for strengthening health 
• understands the effects of different Chinese medicine therapies and is able to describe them 
• is able to perform simple Qigong - Chinese health exercise.