Dora Plus activity 2.1: Inclusion of foreign master's students studying in degree studies

The goal of this activity is to support foreign master’s students studying in Estonia, thereby contributing to the international exchange of knowledge, making the local study process more international and increasing the number of highly educated employees in Estonia in the long run. The scholarship's purpose is helping with covering accommodation and living expenses in Estonia and therefore is paid only if the student stays in Estonia during their studies. The Dora Plus programme is implemented by the Education and Youth Board (former Archimedes Foundation). Dora Plus programme activities last until 31.12.2022.

The scholarship budget for 2021/22 study year is € 63 000, i.e. 18 full scholarships (10 months long) can be awarded. 

TU procedure on Dora Plus 2.1 scholarship for foreign master's students

Foreign master’s students can be awarded the scholarship when studying with full-time study load in one of the international master's programmes at Tallinn University. The scholarship can be awarded for one study year at a time, i.e. 10 months (September to June). For the second year of studies, the master's students need to apply anew. The scholarship amount is 350 euros per month. 

Important: Payment of the scholarship is discontinued if the scholarship beneficiary takes an academic leave or goes abroad for a study mobility that lasts more than 30 days (Eramus+, Kristjan Jaak scholarships etc.). The scholarship payment is discontinued starting from the month that the beneficiary is no longer in compliance with the scholarship conditions.

The scholarship can be awarded to talented master’s students of Tallinn University:

  • who are studying on a full-time study load on a Tallinn University master's programme fully in English;
  • who have completed the study programme in the amount of at least 54 ECTS credits (only required when applying for the scholarship for the 2nd year of studies);
  • who during their studies stay in Estonia;
  • who are not the citizens of Estonia;
  • who don't have a permanent residence permit/long-term residence permit;
  • whose country of residence is not Estonia at the time of submitting their application (only required when applying for the scholarship for the first time);
  • who have not been in Estonia for more than one year during the past three years at the time of submitting their application (only required when applying for the scholarship for the first time);
  • who don't receive additional scholarships that are intended to support their accommodation and living expenses during their studies (e.g. Eramus+). The student will have to confirm the fact. According to the Archimedes Foundation statute it's allowed to receive simultaneously Dora Plus activity 2.1 scholarship and speciality grant, scholarship based on study results, needs-based study allowance or needs-based special allowance and Dora Plus scholarship for short-term mobility.

How to apply:

  • Fill in the electronic application form to stand as a candidate. The application form is activated on June 1. The deadline for the first year master's students is September 10. In case of a second year master’s student, also a transcript of records is submitted together with the electronic application form. Please ask your study coordinator for a signed electronic transcript of records that proves the completion of at least 54 ECTS credits. The deadline for the second year of master's students is June 30.
  • The applicants’ compliance with the requirements is verified by the Dora Plus programme coordinator.

A ranking list is formed based on the admissions examination results (in case of the first year master's students) and the weighted average grades (in case of the second year master's students). The students with the highest rankings are awarded the scholarship. All results are announced from September 17 onward.


Dora Plus programme is funded by European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Estonia. The scholarship holder is obliged to inform the public about receiving support from European Regional Development Fund in relevant presentations, articles and documents by mentioning the fact orally or using the logo of structural aid, which can be found on the following web address:

Additional information:

Katrin Iisma
TU Dora Plus coordinator 
Phone: 6 409 140

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