Dora Plus activity 1.1: Short-term study mobility

The purpose of the short-term study mobility scholarship is to improve the awareness of young researchers and master's students of diverse teaching and research practices, encourage their involvement in international co-operation projects, improve the completion rates of doctoral studies, and strengthen the compliance of doctoral studies at the Estonian universities with the principles of innovative doctoral studies. The calls for scholarship applications are organised and beneficiaries are selected by the universities. The payments to the beneficiaries are made by the Education and Youth Authority (former Archimedes Foundation). Dora Plus programme activities last until 31.12.2022.

Short-term study mobility may last for up to 30 days. The scholarship can be applied to participate in a professional conference, seminar or course, or carry out other educational and research-related activities, for example working in libraries, using laboratories, developing study materials, working with a supervisor, participating in a field work, consultations or other similar tasks, which are closely related to the priorities of Tallinn University

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also possible to receive extraordinary support for participation in a virtual event if the following conditions are met:

  • The event, which was supposed to take place abroad, has been made virtual or is planned to be virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Proof of this must be provided, e.g. information on the event's website etc.
  • The applicant has an active role in the event, e.g. a presentation, participation in a discussion or leading a discussion, an article in a conference publication, etc. This must be proved later by a confirmation letter.

Tallinn University´s procedure for applying for activity 1.1

Archimedes Foundation guidelines for activity 1.1

The scholarship may be applied by anyone who is:

  • a master’s or doctoral student at Tallinn University;
  • a lecturer or researcher at Tallinn University, who is not older than 35 years of age on the first day of the mobility, or who has defended his/her doctoral thesis less than 5 years ago. Parental leave can be used to prolong these limitations proportionally;
  • not using other grants or scholarships to cover the expenses;
  • not using this scholarship to visit multiple countries at once.

PS! The prerequisite for processing the applications of doctoral students, lecturers and researchers is the Estonian Research Information System aka ETIS account of the applicant!

Scholarship amount:

The maximum amount is €2,000 per mobility.

The scholarships are given according to a ranking list and the principle, that every applicant will generally receive no more than one study mobility scholarship each academic year.

Expenses covered:

  • travel expenses
  • accommodation
  • participation fee (will be covered according to an expense document/bill, or confirmation by the organiser)
  • allowance: €32 per day. University may reimburse to the scholarship beneficiary who is working at the university the difference between the daily allowance by the scholarship and the daily allowance rate established by the university up to a maximum of EUR 18 for the first 15 days of the mobility.

Accommodation and daily allowance can be covered for one additional day before and after the event. The additional days need to be justified, except in cases when the destination is on another continent or when the event starts at 11 am or earlier and finishes at 4 pm or later according to the official agenda.

The mobility has to start and finish in the same country, however the point of departure and destination must be in separate countries. Mobilities within one country are not funded.

The expenses covered by the scholarship cannot be simultaneously covered by other funds. The participation fee can be covered fully from another fund provided that the university and the foundation are informed thereof.

How to apply:

To apply for the scholarship, an electronic application form needs to be submitted.

At Tallinn University the electronic application form can be submitted within one month with the following deadlines:

  • 30 September
  • 31 January
  • 31 March
  • 31 May

The electronic application form is activated on the 1st date of the calendar month of an application round. The electronic application form is inactive on other times that are outside of the calendar months of the application rounds.

Tallinn University Dora Plus council will make a decision and submit the scholarships for approval to the Education and Youth Authority by the 10th of the month following the deadline.

Generally, there must be at least a 6 week period between the 10th of the month following the deadline to the start of the mobility. The Education and Youth Authority reserves the right to allow exceptions, but mobility that starts on 10th or earlier is not accepted.


Dora Plus programme is funded by European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Estonia. The beneficiary is obliged to inform the public about receiving scholarship from European Regional Development Fund in relevant presentations, articles and documents by mentioning the fact orally or using the logo of structural aid, which can be found on the following web address:

Additional information:

Joanna Liiv
TLU Dora Plus coordinator 
Phone: 6 409 140