Dora Plus activity 1.2: PhD students' mobility

The purpose of the scholarship for PhD students' mobility is to improve the awareness of PhD students of diverse teaching and research practices, encourage their involvement in international co-operation projects, improve the completion rates of doctoral studies, and strengthen the compliance of doctoral studies at Estonian universities with the principles of innovative doctoral studies.

The scholarship is awarded to support the mobility of PhD students of Tallinn University to the universities or research institutions abroad. A PhD student may apply for the scholarship for multiple times within his/her PhD studies, taking into account that the minimum duration of each mobility is 31 calendar days and the scholarship can be awarded in total for 10 months

PS! The prerequisite for processing the applications of doctoral students is the Estonian Research Information System aka ETIS account of the applicant!

 Tallinn University's procedure for applying for activity 1.2

Expenses covered:

How to apply:

To apply for the scholarship, please submit the following documents to the TLU Dora Plus programme coordinator:

  • application form (PS! Please save the filled application form to your computer as well);
  • confirmation of acceptance from the host university or research institution. In case the host is absent, a quote from the library’s (or other institution's) website (in the form of a link) indicating that the beneficiary has access to the institution's services during the mobility;
  • individual work plan approved and signed by the thesis supervisor.

Application deadlines at TLU are:

  • 15 September
  • 15 November
  • 15 February
  • 15 May
  • 15 August

TLU Dora Plus council will make a decision by the 1st date of the month following the deadline.

There must be a 4 week period between the 1st date of the month following the deadline and the start of the mobility (Archimedes Foundation reserves the right to allow exceptions)!

All applications that meet the requirements are supported until the budget for the respective study year lasts. Therefore those who submit their application earlier have better chances. Application rounds can be cancelled if the budget for the study year has finished. 


    Dora Plus programme is funded by European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Estonia. The beneficiary is obliged to inform the public about receiving scholarship from European Regional Development Fund in relevant presentations, articles and documents by mentioning the fact orally or using the logo of structural aid, which can be found on the following web address:

    Additional information:

    Joanna Liiv
    TLU Dora Plus coordinator
    Telephone: 6 409 140