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The 13th conference of the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies

The 13th conference of the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies Feeling – Skill – Knowledge will take place in Helsinki, Finland, 7–9 June 2023.



he 13th conference of the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies focuses on the epistemologies and ontologies of signs and minds and how the processes of signification entail different aspects of feeling, skill, and knowledge. Connecting to the systemic relationality of the subject and the world, these viewpoints on doing and being, discourse and development have been at the heart of semiotics through the diachrony in various contexts. Now, in the rapidly, even brutally changing world, understanding signs, signification and their dynamics seems more crucial than ever, as it may affect securing how the human and their practices, their social systems and societies, cultures and the environment may flourish in whatever way the future will unfold.

The conference focuses on how theories and research into meaning and signification address knowledge, skill, and feeling. We warmly welcome theoretical and empirical papers investigating the relations of this trio or any of the three concepts that are central to semiosis.

We kindly invite proposals for conference presentations and sessions of presentations in line with but not limited to the topics of:

  • Semiotic theories of knowledge, skill, and feeling;
  • Empirical semiotics of feeling, skill, and knowledge;
  • Dynamics of relations of knowledge, skill and feeling with or in the environment;
  • Knowledge, skill, and feeling in human and non-human organisms;
  • Artificial knowledge, artificial skill, and artificial feeling;
  • Knowledge, skill and feeling in the arts and sciences;
  • Learning and growth of knowledge, skill, and feeling;
  • Decay and problems of knowledge, skill, and feeling;
  • Knowledge, memory, cognition, brain, and body;
  • The social in knowledge, skill, and feeling;
  • Relationship of language and non-language with knowledge, skill, and feeling;
  • Cross-, multi-, inter-, trans- and a- in feeling, skill and knowledge of cultures;
  • Mediation of feeling, skill, and knowledge;
  • Feeling, skill, and knowledge in politics and leadership.

The conference is organized by the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies with local collaboration of the Semiotic Society of Finland and researchers from the University of the Arts Helsinki, University of Helsinki, Tallinn University, and Aalto University. The conference will be held at the Sibelius Academy of the Uniarts Helsinki. The facilities are located in the heart of the city, easily accessible, and close to many opportunities for accommodation and restaurantsThe Helsinki metropolitan area has a well-functioning public transportation system. The 40th-anniversary symposium of the Semiotic Society of Finland will be held in conjunction with NASS XIII.

Graduate student award and grants

Five to ten graduate students presenting a paper at NASS XIII will be supported financially by NASS. Furthermore, a prize along with a diploma for the best graduate student presentation will be awarded at NASS XIII.

Keynote speakers:

• Prof. emer. Tim Ingold, University of Aberdeen
• Prof. Dario Martinelli, Kaunas University of Technology

Abstract submission. New Deadline!

The conference language is English. Abstracts should be submitted as a Word file attachment to, with subject line ”Abstract for NASS XIII”. Each abstract submission should contain: (1) The name of the author(s) (surname, given name); (2) Your affiliation (including country of residence); (3) Your email address; (4) The title of the paper; (5) An abstract of max. 500 words; (6) 3–5 keywords; (7) and a short bionote of max. 100 words. To be considered for the graduate student award and grants, please indicate whether or not you are a graduate student. Notification of acceptance will be given by 31 January 2023, after which the registration will open. Kindly submit your abstract of max. 500 words by 31st of December 2022 to

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