Doctoral studies

Scholarship for doctoral student

The School of Digital Technologies announces one scholarship for a doctoral student who is doing exemplary research in the area of Technology-Enhanced Learning. The amount of this one-time scholarship is 3960 euros and it is funded by the CEITER project.

The aim of the scholarship is to support a doctoral student whose research activities contribute to the central research directions of Technology-Enhanced Learning and Learning Analytics. Especially, we want to put emphasis on Learning Analytics technologies that can be practically applied in schools or universities, and how these can be scaled up.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the following documents should be submitted by e-mail to by by June 17th, 2019:

  • application with CV, contact information, bank account number, and description of current work, if the student is employed (organization, position, workload, description of tasks);
  • recommendation letter from the supervisor.

Doctoral students of the Information Society Technologies doctoral programme have the right to apply for the scholarship, provided:

  • they have not exeeded the nominal duration of studies;
  • they are full-time students;
  • they are not on academic leave.

Additional information: Tobias Ley,