TEL Open seminar - Integrating technology in teaching and learning

02/17/2020 - 10:00 - 11:30

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Integrating technology in teaching and learning in schools needs a holistic approach with a focus on learning design, teacher education and a whole-school approach to school improvement. Currently, the use of data in these contexts (e.g. learning analytics, but also other forms of data) has also been discussed as a way to make these innovations more evidence-based. In this seminar, we firstly introduce a theoretical approach to how to integrate teacher education and co-creation processes for TEL adoption. We then show how learning analytics data can be used to trace these processes. Lastly, we introduce a way of how data can be systematically used to inform school improvement processes. 
Tobias Ley: Knowledge Appropriation in TEL adoption 
Tobias Ley & Maria Rodriguez-Triana & Luis Pablo Prieto: Learning Analytics in a professional teacher education case
Kätlin Vanari: School-university partnership to enhance evidence- and data-informed school improvement.