How to Create More Time and Energy with Everyday Gratitude Practices

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Join this FREE, high impact virtual session and interactive Q&A with gratitude expert Dr. Kerry Howells.

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How would it feel to be more
time-abundant than time-poor,
and energized versus exhausted?

This virtual micro-session offers hope amidst the very real
challenges we face as educators, and provides small, accessible,
everyday steps we can take today. If you’re an education
professional looking for a supportive community - and if you’ve ever
thought, “gratitude... seriously?!” – this real-talk Q&A is for you.

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You will leave with:

  • A deeper awareness of how gratitude can be activated in meaningful ways as educators.
  • Tiny, practical, personalized practices to activate this superpower in your everyday life and work - and confidence to tackle challenges in ways that create more wellbeing, job satisfaction, and effectiveness.
  • Access to an ongoing community of gratitude practice with other teachers from around the world.




Dr Kerry Howells has spent over 25 years researching, teaching and presenting on gratitude, both nationally and internationally. Kerry is passionate about harnessing the role of gratitude to bring about flourishing relationships, a respectful workplace culture and, ultimately, a more peaceful world. Kerry’s work is underpinned by a deep philosophical exploration of gratitude and focuses on how to apply the research on gratitude, and the strategies she has developed, to life’s challenging situations. She has a particular interest in cross-cultural lenses of gratitude and their implications for communication and has studied this in the context of Australian indigenous and African indigenous cultures. Working worldwide with school leaders and teachers she has embedded gratitude in all levels of education, and her first book, Gratitude in Education: A Radical View has been used widely to guide the development of educational programs and strategic change in universities, schools and Early Childhood education.

Kerry has presented on the topic of gratitude to multi-faceted audiences in the form of keynote addresses, conference presentations, podcasts, radio interviews and a popular TEDx presentation, ‘How thanking awakens our thinking’.

Kerry’s recent book Untangling you: How can I be grateful when I feel so resentful? explores the dilemmas of accessing gratitude in difficult relationships, has won three prestigious international awards, and is now available in six languages. Her publication in 2023, Gratitude Practices for Teachers, draws on her extensive experience in education to offer practical strategies when facing everyday challenges.  Kerry is based in Hobart, Australia, but offers professional development and presents on her work internationally. She is currently a visiting professor at Tallinn University, Estonia, where she teaches an online postgraduate course – Gratitude in Practice

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