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Exploring Estonia: Alberto Andrés Peralta Rico shares his journey in Estonian Studies at Tallinn University

Our Estonian Studies MA student Alberto Andrés Peralta Rico talks about his studies at Tallinn University and why he decided to apply to this programme.

Alberto Andrés Peralta Rico

How did you first learn about Estonia?

I learned about Estonia because I'm really into geography and was always fascinated by the Baltic region. The singing revolution was to me a revelation and I wanted to dig deeper into Estonia, its culture, history, nature, and everything it has to offer.

What made it decisive that Estonia and Tallinn University in particular?

What made me decide Estonia was mainly its musical culture and nature. A country that in its majority is covered by woods is something that I really wanted to explore.

What do you study and why this specialty?

I'm doing the MA in Estonian Studies and I chose this specialty because I want to dig deep in Estonian culture. And this program not only offers a very thorough and comprehensive language course but also many classes regarding culture, society, and history.

I'm focusing in Estonian literature. Mainly in the literature written around the 1918 independence. Authors like Friedebert Tuglas and Marie Under are the main focus of my studies and current research.

Which courses and lecturers have inspired you the most so far?

The courses that have inspired me the most are Estonian literature, history and memory and the Estonian language courses, which have helped me get a deeper understanding of Estonia as a whole.

How’s life at Tallinn University?

Life at Tallinn University has been amazing. I've been able to meet people from all over the world and also exchange knowledge and experiences with Estonian students which have helped me integrate somewhat into the Estonian society.

What are your future plans? 

I would like to form a cultural bridge between Estonia and Colombia. Hopefully get to translate Estonian literature to be published in Latin America and vice versa. People in Latin America need to know more about Estonia.

To whom and why would you recommend this degree programme?

I would recommend this degree to anyone who wants to dig really deep into Estonian culture. If you want to know why forests are really important or why the "Kalevipoeg" is such a seminal piece of literature, or the significance of the cultural nuances of Estonian societies, this degree is for you. This degree is a window from where foreigners like me can get a quite complete view of Estonia. And you will also get to relate and intermingle with Estonians during your studies.

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