TLU Alumna Irina Ranneva

Being a student is an awesome experience!



Do you know that feeling when something great is about to happen? I knew I wanted to come to Tallinn University and I knew it would be great.

It was a warm spring morning, under my windows, back in Moscow, there were blooming trees - pears, apples and cherries. I was going to have an interview with the head of my programme at Tallinn University. The interview was fancy, via Skype, I had never done it before so I was worried. 2 years later, the same blooming morning but already in Tallinn, I graduated with my second MA.

The university played a key role in creating a positive image of Estonian society for me. Tallinn University is an example of a perfect miniature society, an utopia in its most positive sense. Different people, nationalities and cultures creating, working and developing together, helping each other and having friendly and supportive relations. Thanks to the university, I felt welcomed and needed. It helped me a lot when I was applying for a job even though I thought I didn't have a chance of becoming a teacher in an Estonian school as a foreigner.

Apart of being a teacher, I am participating in many projects mostly connected with linguistics and translation. Back at Tallinn University I had a very varied programme and had a possibility to try different areas of academical knowledge, get acquainted with various languages, like French, Chinese and Estonian, and broaden my horizons.

Being a student is an awesome experience!

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