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Leading colour scientists gather at Tallinn University

From September 7-10, the Progress in Color Studies or PICS2022 conference will take place at Tallinn University.

PICS 2020
PICS 2020

Keynote speakers can be considered the leading colour scientists in the world: Delwin Lindsey and Angela Brown from The Ohio State University, Carsten Levisen from Roskilde University in Denmark and Galina Paramei from Liverpool Hope University, UK. In addition to them, the founding member of the PICS conference, Carole Biggam, the best-known colour linguist, will participate. Estonia's most famous colour researcher, linguist Urmas Sutrop will also participate in the conference.

The study of colours is an interdisciplinary science, linguists, psychologists, literary scholars and researchers of exotic languages will participate in the conference. The main organizer of the conference is Mari Uusküla, Associate professor of linguistics and translation studies at the Institute of Humanities. The conference is prepared in cooperation with Domicele Jonauskaite, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Vienna.

In the past, PICS has been held every four years, but the pandemic that broke out in 2019 postponed the conference by two years, meaning that the current conference will take place 6 years after PICS2016, which took place at UCL in London.

Those interested are invited to listen to the presentations!

The conference program can be found on the conference website.